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T.A.P.O. Privacy Regulations

T.A.P.O. Privacy Regulations


Within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act, T.A.P.O. is a controller. In these Privacy Regulations, T.A.P.O. will explain how T.A.P.O. handles our customers’ personal details, i.e. your personal details.


These Privacy Regulations apply to all agreements concluded via all (electronic) communication channels used by T.A.P.O. for that purpose. These Privacy Regulations do not apply to activities that are not the responsibility of T.A.P.O. T.A.P.O.’s website(s) may contain links to other Internet sites. These Privacy Regulations do not apply to those “linked sites” and T.A.P.O. is not responsible for their content, procedures or privacy practices or for the use of cookies on the websites of third parties.


T.A.P.O. will respect the privacy of you, our customer. Your customer details are only available to you yourself, persons working at, or for, T.A.P.O. and persons working, at or for, services contracted by T.A.P.O. and only insofar it is necessary for executing the work those persons are have been commissioned to do by T.A.P.O.


T.A.P.O. may use your details for the following purposes, among others (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Offering and delivering T.A.P.O.’s products and services
  • Handling requested or received information
    • Promotional purposes, including providing information about activities and current developments and for customer marketing
  • Testing and improving the products and services
  • Security and improvement of the website(s)
  • Registering online-visitor data
  • Collecting user statistics
  • Backup purposes
  • Contact with you, our customer.

Offering and delivering T.A.P.O.’s products and services

To be able to offer you, our customer, our products and services, T.A.P.O. requires (among other things) your name, address, (mobile) phone number, sex, date of birth, bank account number and/or your credit card details, details of the products and/or services you have ordered and your email address. T.A.P.O. will also use these details to supply the information and/or products you have requested. In addition, your personal details will be used to collect any sums you might owe. T.A.P.O. also processes the details of your payment record and payment history.

Promotional purposes

T.A.P.O. will also use your personal details to make you personalised offers, to offer or send you newsletters and advertising material and to provide you with information (by post, by email or by telephone). In addition, T.A.P.O. will use, jointly with, or by, other companies, your personal details to make you offers.

Testing and improving the products and services

Your personal details may also be used to help us understand what you, our customer, want or require and to help us resolve any complaints you may have. With the help of your details, we can test our products and services and improve them where necessary. T.A.P.O. may also use your personal details for conducting surveys and studies. In such cases, T.A.P.O. will contact you directly (e.g. by post, email or telephone) for a study or survey.

Security measures to protect your personal details

T.A.P.O. endeavours to handle your details with care and shall make every effort that may reasonably be expected of T.A.P.O. to do so. To protect your personal details against loss and abuse by third parties, T.A.P.O. has implemented technical and organisational security measures. T.A.P.O. also imposes an obligation on T.A.P.O.’s contracting parties to implement these security measures.

Improving our website(s)

T.A.P.O. may also save the online-visitor data, such as IP addresses and browser information, in a file to improve T.A.P.O.’s website(s), for system administration purposes and to identify technical problems. Using this traffic data, as it is called, T.A.P.O. can also evaluate T.A.P.O.’s website(s) so we can improve its layout, distinctiveness and usability. T.A.P.O. may also collect user statistics and save data for backup purposes.

Cookie regulations

T.A.P.O. may also use cookies via T.A.P.O.’s website(s), which are then saved on your computer by your browser. You can adjust your browser so that you do not receive any cookies when you visit our website(s). However, in that case, it could happen that you cannot make (full) use of all the options of our website(s).

Keeping your personal details

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, T.A.P.O. will not save your personal details longer than necessary for achieving the purposes for which they were processed. In certain cases, T.A.P.O. must save your (personal) details to comply with T.A.P.O.’s statutory obligations to retain data.

Inspection of, and changes to, your personal details

You are permitted to contact T.A.P.O. with the request that we notify you as to whether details pertaining to you have been processed by T.A.P.O. and if so, for what purpose. T.A.P.O. will respond to your request within four (4) weeks. You may be charged for the costs involved. If it emerges that your details are actually incorrect, incomplete, not relevant for the aim or purposes of the processing or have otherwise been processed in breach of a statutory regulation, you may, if you wish, request T.A.P.O. to correct your details, supplement them, remove them or shield them. T.A.P.O. will notify you within four weeks of the receipt of your request as to the extent to which T.A.P.O. will comply with that request and ensure that the changes to your personal details are made as soon as possible. The removal of certain personal details, such as payment history, is not possible due to T.A.P.O.’s statutory obligations to retain data.

Your right to object

You may always notify T.A.P.O. that you do not want your personal details used for promotional purposes. In that case, T.A.P.O. will terminate the processing of the relevant personal details without delay.


If you have any questions about these Privacy Regulations or if you want to inspect your details, have them corrected or blocked, please contact T.A.P.O. by email:


T.A.P.O. reserves the right to change these Privacy Regulations. Accordingly, we recommend that you read these Privacy Regulations regularly to check for changes.

Teteringen, the Netherlands, June 2017